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Arte e cultura

Wine is in itself a means to socialise, not only because it is pleasant to share the experience of a good wine, but also because wine is the expression of place, of history and of the people who make it. And wine travels and crosses borders.

Friuli is historically a melting pot where races, cultures and traditions mix: meeting others makes you curious - and we are. The is the reason we open our doors to events from every branch of the arts, from jazz concerts during the International Jazz and Wine of Peace Festival, to poetry readings to art installations. The photographic exhibitions, the vernissage, the video presentations and the debates held at The Borgo are unfortunately reserved for a small number of people, due to limitations of space.

But is it great when you see that what you do strikes a chord with your public and your friends. Organising events is a big commitment, but it is also rewarding and it allows you to put people with similar interests and sensibilities in touch with each other, to contribute to the intellectual life of the region by bringing to it artists and authors, both Italian and international, who have real and original things to say. Then the combination wine/art begins to make sense.

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